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Fake Bake Original Spray Tan 20mins £20.00
Fake Bake Darker Spray Tan 20mins £20.00
Fake Bake Gold & Therapy Tan 20mins £25.00
Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan 20mins £25.00
Fake Bake Professional Exfoliation 20mins £25.00

Which one to choose?

Fake Bake Original

Eight hours minimum development time required.  This colour gives a a golden tan similar to a week away Europe style.  Ideal for blondes, redheads, brunettes and black haired individuals, usually suits most skin tones.  However please remember that with all Fake Bake Tans, they always look natural to your skin tone as they will only go as dark as your skin will allow.

Fake Bake Darker

Eight hours minimum development time required.  This colour gives a deep dark tan similar to two weeks away, Carribean style.  Ideal for darker blondes, brunettes and black haired individuals.  However please remember that the tan will only go as dark as the individuals skin will allow.

Fake Bake Gold

Eight hours minimum development time required.  This gives a light golden glow and is ideal for faired haired and skin individuals.  This tan is also fantastic for brides and older ladies who just require a slight colouring.  Again, please remember this tan will only go as dark as the skin will allow ensuring a natural look with skin tone.

Fake Bake Sixty Minute

Works different to the rest.  This tan gives a deep golden colour, ideal for most but what this tan really does is give the opportunity to wash off earlier whilst your tan still develops.  Development time is 60 minutes minimum, 3 hours maximum.  When the water hits the tan whilst rinsing away the excess, it activates another ingrediant which starts the second phase of the development allowing you to get on with your day feeling comfortable.  You will develop for a further 24 hours and then your tan will be ready.  Please be aware that this product is not for the worriers amongst you as during the second phase of the development the tan may appear patchy, all be it not the end result I can worry some.  Once the tan has fully developed you can expect the Quality Fake Bake end result, even, natural to skin tone and a lovely colour.


About Fake Bake

Fake Bake is the UK’s leading salon professional self tan and spray tan brand.

Fake Bake gives an instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting sunless self-tan by combining naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose ­ guaranteeing longer lasting (up to 50% longer), more natural-looking results. We have developed botanical ingredients to remove parabens and artificial preservatives. Our specialist self-tans offer added benefits like anti ageing, anti cellulite and anti oxidants. Fake Bake has become the choice of beauty experts and celebrities alike. So if you want to fashion a tan like Paris Hilton, Katie Price, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole then Fake Bake is the perfect choice.

How it Works?

Fake Bake develops with the skin and is NOT a stainer.  The difference meaning that that the tan will develop with your own skin, the two top layers in particular and therefore stops dead the risk of streaking.  This also means that the tan will only go as dark as your own skin will allow and therefore ensures a colour natural to your own skin tone.


What to do?

Bathe in plain water before the treatment ensuring that no make-up, deodarants, perfume or moisturisers are used.  Exfoliate your skin with a sea salt scrub or alternatively and preferably one of Fake Bake's exfoliators paying particular attention to hands, elbows, knees, feet, ankles and other hard skin areas.  

Ensure you bring with you baggy loose clothing and footwear for after the treament or alternatively bring your dressing gown.  We will do the rest.

With all Fake Bake Spray tans, a minimum period of eight hour development is required before washing off except the Fake Bake 60 Minute tan which works slightly diferent.    During the development period make sure no water comes into contact with you, make sure no bags are placed over shoulders and anything that may mark the tan whilst developing.  General resting will ensure this.

Whilst developing you may appear to go extremely dark and patchy.  DO NOT panic, this is just during the development period, this will not be the end result.

Once the eight hours has passed you may wash off, using plain luke warm water in the shower or bath, preferably the shower let the water just rinse the excess tan away, do not scrub.  This will then leave a lovely even golden tan.  If you get out of the shower and feel you have a dark patch or that you look streaky just simply get back in and let the water rinse that excess away it just hasn't all washed away properly.

To keep your tan in good condition you will need to the following;

1. Bathe in luke warm water

2. Ensure you use a shower gel or bath soak that is oil free.

3. Ensure any products used are oil free otherwise your tan may go patchy, this is because it develops with the two top layers of the skin which are dead skin cells.  The oil in products may lift some cells but not others giving a patchy look.  If in doubt purchase a Fake Bake Moisturiser,

4. Do moisturise after bathing, this will keep your tan for longer.

5. Exfoliate Day 5

6. If you have caught your tan or you think something may be wrong, call us before trying to rectify it yourself

7. The tan should last for approximately five days and should wear off quite even if you have followed all of the above.



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