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Dermalogica is a skin care system researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, the products areformulated to meet many skin conditions and skin types. It was founded in Los Angeles in 1986 and is known worldwide as the ‘professionals’ choice. Dermalogica is founded on the belief that good skin care is not about pampering or luxury, any more than brushing your teeth or washing your hair is, but about results. These results are achieved by developing advanced skin care formulas, based on the latest up to date research.

                     Dermalogica Face Mapping available by our fully qualified therapists at Twiggys Regent Square Spa

Face Mapping has been developed by the International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. At Twiggys Health Spa we will analyse every inch of our client’s skin by dividing the face into 14 distinct zones. This procedure provides an objective overview of your skin type and condition. This not only enhances the effectiveness of every facial treatment we offer but also enables us to provide the correct advice and prescription of home care products in order for you to follow a regime at home based on your actual needs and not just from sheer guess work that may happen on some occasions if and when you have received over the counter advice.
                              Dernalogica, Fake Bake Tans available at Twiggys Regent Square Spa, Doncaster based salon
Know Your Zones 
Zones 1 & 3: left and right side of forehead
This is a common area for congestion and dehydration. Congestion can occur from not cleansing thoroughly in the area, particularly if you wear eyebrow make up, hair products and heavy foundation. Also, ensure cleanser is removed effectively.
If you experience breakouts regularly in this area drinking more water and eating more whole foods may help, as this area is traditionally linked to the bladder and digestive system. 
Zone 2: between the eyebrows
This is a common area for congestion, excess oil and ingrown hairs. Excess oil production is caused by fluctuating hormone levels and poor hygiene resulting in breakouts. Vertical lines indicate dehydration.
Zones 4 & 10: left and right ear
Comedones and congestion can often be seen in this area. Comedones can be very common in the ears because shampoo and make up collects in the ear well. If you use a telephone headset or mobile hands free regularly, comedones may be evident behind the ear.
Sensitivity on the ear lobes may occur due to nickel allergies, or could also indicate a need to drink more plain water or cut down on alcohol or caffeine.


 Zones 5 & 9: right and left cheek

This is a common area for broken capillaries, congestion, milia and dehydration. Milia or congestion on the cheek area may be caused by a blusher or foundation that contains comedogenic ingredients.

Broken capillaries and congestion will generally be seen on a smoker’s skin or someone who lives with a smoker. Allergies, sinus problems or getting over a chest infection may also cause the afore mentioned skin conditions to occur. 
Zones 6 & 8: right and left eye
Milia, fine lines and dark circles may be evident in this area. Make up that contains comedogenic ingredients such as synthetic colours can cause milia in around the eye area. The skin around the eye is the thinnest part on the body and therefore needs greater protection from the elements. Using an eye cream, especially one with an SPF15 will help to minimise the fine lines and protect against dehydration.
Dark circles or congestion under the eye are usually hereditary. However, lack of sleep and smoking may be a contributory factor.
Zone 7: nose and upper lip
This is a common area for congestion, comedones, broken capillaries and pigmentation. The nose area tends to have the most congestion due to excess sebum production, with the base of the nostrils often having broken capillaries from the client trying to extract their own blackheads.
Comedones along the lip line indicate the use of lipsticks etc that contain comedogenic ingredients. Pigmentation and hair growth on the upper lip is usually caused by the oral contraceptive and fluctuations in hormone levels.
A reddened nose can also indicate heightened blood pressure or the early stages of rosacea.
Zones 11 & 13: left and right side of chin
This area is prone to congestion and breakouts. Congestion may be due to poor cleansing of the skin, leaving make up and cleanser residue on the jaw line. Breakouts along the jaw bone near the ear may indicate problems with a wisdom tooth or can be caused by recent dental x-rays or extensive dental surgery.
Zone 12: chin
This is also a common area for congestion and breakouts. This can be due to improper cleansing, make up containing comedogenic ingredients or leaning your head on your hands. Also, premenstrual breakouts are also very common on the chin.
Unusual hair growth or frequent breakouts on the chin area can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by extreme stress.

Zone 14: neck and chest

A common area for breakout activity, pigmentation and aging.
This zone is the first area to show signs of aging because the skin is very delicate and exposed to the sun. A SPF minimum of 15 should be applied to the area daily to protect the skin and to prevent aging and pigmentation in this area. Pigmentation may appear due to using perfumed fragrance.




Dermalogica Body Mapping & Body Treatments available at Twiggys Regent Square Spa, Doncaster based salon

Imagine a body treatment specifically designed just for you. Whether targeting your skin concerns, stress relief, detoxification or energy levels, Dermalogica''s unique new Body Mapping system will ensure we give clients everything they need and more! Body Mapping is the future of body analysis for the Spa Professional, developed by the International Dermal Institute exclusively for Dermalogica. Providing a comprehensive system with which to assess the client''s skin and body concerns, Body Mapping allows the Twiggys Therapists to design the ultimate Body Treatment that addresses all the client''s needs.

By dividing the body into fourteen zones our therapists can assess each individual area and ask specific targeted questions that will help reveal essential information.

The Body Mapping procedure gives an objective view of changes to skin and body function along with an insight into the probable causes. This enables the Therapist to offer effective and honest treatment advice.

Body concerns including fluid retention, toxic accumulation, circulatory changes and skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris and psoriasis may be highlighted during your Body Mapping.





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