At Twiggys we use only high quality products so it should'nt come as a surprise to learn that we use NSI Nail Products for our Nail Enhancements by Specialist Nail Technician, Jessica Hope.

NSI Nail Products contain NO MMA, we also use Nail Files rather than harsh electric drills as your nail health is paramount at Twiggys.

So have a browse through the Nail Enhancement options and book your appointment on 01302 323499 


French Enhancements (White Tips with Pink Acrylic) 60mins £30.00
Natural Enhancements (Natural Tips with Clear Acrylic) 60mins £35.00
Colour or Glitter over Natural Enhancements 75mins £40.00
Pink & White Extending Nail Beds Enhancements 90mins £38.00
Infils of French/Natural Tips 45mins £20.00
Design Infils 60mins £25.00
Overlays - Natural  60mins £20.00
Overlays - Pink & White 60mins £25.00
Overlays - Glitter/Colour 60mins £30.00
3d Nail Art 5mins per nail £2per nail
One Stroke Nail Art 5mins per nail £2per nail
Hand Painted   £1per nail
Painted in OPI Gel Color   £10 extra
Crystal Swarovski Elements (Range of Sizes)   £2per crystal
Acrylic Toes   £20.00
Crystal Toes - 2 Big Toes   £10 per toe
Crystal Toes - All Toes   £30
Soak off  30mins £10.00

How To Choose

Choosing what Nail Enhancement is right for you may be a little confusing, so please find an explanation of the different options to help you make your final decision,

French Tips - These are white tips with pink NSI Acrylic giving the french manicure look, simplistic but beautiful


Natural Tips - These are clear tips with a pink NSI acrylic, providing a extremely natural understated classy look


Colour or Glitter over Natural Tips - These are for the more adventurous, design your own look with a range of colour and glitter


Extended Nail Beds with NSI white and Pink Acrylic - These are for clients that have naturally short nail beds, by using the clear tip and pink and white acrylic we can give look of a longer nail bed which elongates the finger and finger nails


Natural Tip with Pink and White Acrylic - for those who feel the white tip is too bright, you can opt for a more subtle white acrylic however still maintaing that classical french manicure look


Infils - White/Natural or Design - These are required every 2 to 3 weeks to make good the enhancements where the natural nail has grown out


Overlays of Natural Nail with Natural Acrylic - An extremely simplistic look adding strenght to the natual nail


Overlays of Pink and White Acrylic - Allowing strength to natural nail with a French Manicure look


Overlays of Glitter - More the more daring out there that do not require tips however want to add strength to natural nail whilst adding that glamour factor


Nail Art - Can choose from 3D, One stroke, Nail Varnish, Glitter, the choice is yours so take part in designing your own nail design and  vamp up your nails.


OPI Gel Color - This is usually used on its own as a gel nail polish which does not chip for three weeks however can be applied as a colour on top of natural, french tips ensuring no chipping of nail varnish colour


Soak-off - We advise you to have your acrylic and gel enhancements removed professional ensuring you maintain the healthiness of your natural nail


So book your appointment today with Specialist Nail Technician, NSI Trained, Jessica Hope on 01302 323499



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